Attention the cubs are the best team the in the world better than the astros!

The name of this blog has just changed it is the same blog be I AM THE WORLDS GREATEST BASEBALL BLOG AND I AM THE WORLDS GREATEST BLOGGER Thank you fans. No Other blogger In the world is a better blogger than me also the cubs are the greatest team in the world there stadium is the best better than these crappy looking stadiums that are playing music so loud that there going to break there speakers. Wrigley field is the best stadium ever!
The cubs are the best team ever they have the best first basemen in the game Anthony Rizzo and they have the best shortstop in the world Starlin Castro Go cubs Go and you better vote for them for the all star team if you don’t your crazy.

Red Sox

Red sox haters? I told the universe before the season the Red Sox would win the world series? I don’t belive any of you losers out there that did not agree the Red Soxs would win the world series. All im going to say is im right and your WRONG.

PED/ Human growth hormone

I cant believe these people. You are telling me that you are going to lose millions and millions of dollars over something so stupid? Mlb should just ban Alex Rodriguez and Ryan Braun. Every one else is fine go take the 50 games and end the story. I cant believe these guys will take this kind of drug. How does that help ? You are just going to lose your reputation.

New umpire

Come on you let a new umpire in now. you have these freaks screwing up then you think he will save your butt. come on Manny Machado didnt even argue and there he goes come on

Bad calls

These repulsive calls are getting on my nerves>. if you cant make a call then get off the field

places to visit

the one place every mlb fan HAS to visit is the mlb fan cave in new york city it is on 4th and broadway you can tour this baseball kingdom.

World series Predictions

You people might think im crazy.

But I say the Red Sox and the Philllies and the Red Sox win the 2013 World Series .

Its possible because the Red Sox got Dempster and Victorino and a healthy David Ortiz .

The big move of the offseason was Johnny Goems. He will add another stud bat and glove to that team.

The Phillies get Mike Adams, Delmon Young, Chase Utley, and a healthy Carlos Ruiz the other big key is Ryan Howard.

I hope that you read my blog Go O’s


Welcome to the blog this wiil be the blog for the experts of the game of baseball.


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